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Friday, January 11, 2019

the beret trend

It's finally Friday!!! This has been the longest week ever. It was like Monday everyday, but at last its finally weekend and I'm so excited to start working on my next project. It feels so nice to be writing my first post this year and in today's post, I'm writing on the beret trend!

 Beret is something that I have been dying to experiment with. It was one of the top wardrobe staples of 2018. It’s a versatile topper that can be worn a multitude of ways to complete an outfit plus it’s an affordable and easy way to elevate your look. And, the beret – whether felt, fluffy or leather has always been the hat worn by those that want to make a stand.

Beret is a big trend at the moment - despite its military roots, beret has long been associated with creatives and hipsters all over the world. They are worn by celebrities, politicians, painters, poets, and so many other people. We’ll trace it back to the runways of Gucci and Christian Dior, where the designers made a strong case for the unexpected accessory. Shown in bright hues or crafted from leather, the fashion houses made a statement on the runways that has now made it to the street style scene in a big way.
The beret trend is woke. As we all know, beret is the one major trend that pretty much everyone adopted on the street style scene. And the fashion industry at its best has always reflected on the time we live in, which is perhaps why there is a rise in beret trend. The wonderful thing about this accessory is that it elevates your look, enhances, or at the very least changes your entire outfit.
The most important thing we learned is about the placement. There are a few ways to wear a beret. The most popular way is just covering the hairline on the forehead tilted to one side just like in the pictures. Another way to style it is farther back on the head.

When I saw this mustard yellow beret, I knew I had to have it. The color is unique and perfect. It's handmade and it comes in so many gorgeous colors. I styled it with my favorite knitted sweater and biker shorts and this lovely sneakers with transparent details from Zara matching my Chic Chain Transparent Bag from Rosegal. To purchase this cute bag, click on the highlighted link and also get a 25% discount off your order with this code RGBF1 and thank me later.



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