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Monday, November 5, 2018

how to stay classy on a budget

For everyday staying classy it is really important and can not be over emphasized. Classic look is very attractive and has a bold personality that comes along side with it.
Seeing a lot of ladies online and how they tend to always look good is something I know can make us curious as to how they manage work, family and still slay really hard.

1. Wardrobe: what you purchase is the key factor and translates to how you look, purchasing classy timeless pieces that will not go out of style so fast, pieces that can fit in for different occasions and make both calm and visible statements. A plaid coat is a good example and a great wardrobe staple and investment to staying classy.

2. Appearance and Styling: what makes the statement is your appearance and how well you put together those timeless pieces you have purchased. knowing what color goes along side other colors, pairing them together, dressing according to occasion and weather.

3. Colors, Pattern and Prints: there are colors that are classy such as red, white, black, burgundy, grey, Royal blue and purple. Generally, all colors can fit into being classy if well put together but the above mentioned colors are colors in which less effort is put into achieving a classic look.
Patterns such as plaid, gingham are such classy patterns that will always be in style and give every outfit a classy look when styled well. My dress from Amiclubwear is very simple and elegant, but what makes it even more striking is the color. It gave a neat look which is what brings about class.

4. Attitude is very contagious, how you speak, walk and carry your self is part of the classy family. Let every step you take count. let your self confidence oz out. Note that you can be wearing a very lovely outfit, but with low self esteem and less confidence, you might not even be noticed due to how less contagious your altitude is.

5. Planning and Organization: It is said that proper preparation prevents poor performance. If you want to always look outstanding always then you have to learn to be well organized, put together and plan your outfit properly. mini hangers are available to help you plan outfits for a week. This gives you time to proper pair, fit and match all your outfits to the best looks and add all the accessories that suit each outfit. Avoid rushing and settling for less just in case you wake up late and have to rush out.
Also, planning your budget on how you spend is also important, you don't have to spend a lot of money to look classy. This sexy white fitted plunged neckline body con dress costs $16, This is the perfect party dress for a night out! Featuring; plunged neck line, ruched frontal, with adjustable straps. Followed by a fitted wear. practical example for a low budget but yet still look outstanding.
Clear heels are still trending and Amiclubwear offers the best prices both for clothing and foot wears. This sexy clear white patent high heels was $39.99 but now $16. These eye catching booties are a must have for this fall season, Featuring; two tone, patent, clear, pointy toe, lace up, high ankle, perforated side. Followed by a cushioned footbed. Approximately 4 1/3 inch heel.

6. Accessories also come in play. it is advisable to purchase bags, shoes and jewelries that would not be too much for your outfit at any given time.



  1. These are great tips! I totally agree with you! And that dress looks incredible on you!


  2. What you purchase is a key factor to how organized and classy you can be.
    I enjoyed reading your blog.
    latest post

  3. wow you are beautiful <3


  4. OMG, you look gorgeous! Absolutely stunning! You make that Amiclubwear dress look amazing, and I love the Amiclubwear clear white patent high heals too.
    All of your tips on fashion and attitude sound excellent.
    P.S.: I noticed that you haven't Tweeted in a long time on your Twitter @alwayssugarhill , but I would love to Follow you there if you decide to get active there again.

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    1. Awwww thank you so much for the compliment. yes i haven't been on twitter for a long time but i hope to get active again. i would sure follow you back there.

  5. I agree, you don't have to spend much to look chic, it all comes down to making thought through purchases that fit your personal style and the rest f your wardrobe.
    You wear this dress beautifully.

    Anne - Linda, Libra, Loca

  6. You are looking beautiful in this dress and those shoes, you are right we don't need to spend much to look stylish. All you need to know what is perfect for you.
    Kisses !

  7. I'm always for staying classy on a budget because I don't exactly have the fattest paycheck.I love the shoes and great tips.

  8. great tips...you look great in this white dress.

  9. You look beautiful, agree with all your tips. Special mention on accessories. Accessories are must

  10. This dress looks amazing on you x


  11. Wow this is amazing and am so proud of you. This is really great I must confess

  12. Thanks for the tips, they are really helpful. Your boots are do die for. Love the whole look


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