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Wow, wow, wow! It's been an amazing year, with so much to be thankful for. As you all know, today is my birthday and I'm super proud of the strong woman I have become and how beautiful the years have been despite the occasional ups and downs. Every year seems to come with something greater and I am more thankful to everyone who has contributed to my life positively, impacting in me and also a special thanks to my family; my backbone and special source of joy. 

The year 2018 has been a year of trial but I pulled through and God has been on my side. What a great assurance, what a friend I have in Jesus, ever available and hearing us all. 

If there's one thing I like about fall season, it's the beautiful and colorful trees, the holidays, the changes, despite the fact that leaves are dead and falling from trees, it feels like a season of fresh start and it makes everything look gorgeous and outstanding.
For as long as I can remember, fall has been my second best season of the year which comes after summer (my best season of the year) may be because I spent most of my growing up in Nigeria where the weather conditions are summer like even tho it gets a little bit cold in november ushering us into the Harmattan season.
   2018  Fall was an amazing time of the year for me and i'm sad by this seasonal change because it ended so quickly here in Ukraine, I couldn't get enough of it knowing the next coming season will be winter which is my worst season. Yes I repeat ''Winter is my worst season''.
Winter feels like the longest season for me because the snow and cold last just too long. But fall has the best of summer with a little bit of spring tossed in.
 3 Things to love about fall:
1, The romantic days: I call it "romantic days" because they're just those cozy days you want to take a walk with your boyfriend/husband and stick your hand in their pockets, go for a tea or coffee and talk about anything. This alone can make you feel warm inside and outside and give you that romantic kind of feeling of relaxing and spending quality time with someone you're in love with.

2, The change: Talking about change, this is one of the best things I love about fall, the refreshing weather giving the most brilliant shade of blue sky, changing of the trees from green to yellowish orange, giving us that feeling of a new beginning though most people think of new year as a time for change, I have always thought of fall as one of the times for change too cause change is all around us.
 3, The fall fashion: Fall is a very important time for fashion. Even with the sun shining, you still need to snuggle into a warm sweater. I love the hand-knit sweaters and hoodies as i'm wearing in my pictures, they give a warm feeling to your body.
      I love picking out outfits and finding the perfect look which is why I picked these sexy graffiti lace up chunky faux leather booties from amiclubwear. they're just perfect for fall season and they keep your feet warm and they're very comfortable.
   I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Feel free to comment and share your views. Have a great week.
Everyone loves to look good and it can take little or more depending on your budget. There are different dresses for special occasions such as weddings, graduation parties, dinner parties, engagement parties and lots more. 

Its fall season and the cold is getting stronger so when dressing for an occasion, the weather always have to be put into consideration. During the summer period there are lots of emphasis on LWD more than the black dresses which has been on trend for years and as said a lady should always have a black dress. There are dresses that suit different occasions, catwalk inspired fashion directs to the high street lifestyle. My black ruffle dress is a good example.
Special Occasion Dresses should fit Any Occasion, they can be chic short suits, little white dresses or  little black dresses. Amiclubwear offer wide range of dress for special occasions such as unique, vibrant and expressive styles, versatile and powerful statement pieces. Buying versatile dresses are very important budget wise, tho this can influence the colors you pick. Cocktail dresses, ladies dress suits, and party dresses with elegant touches of lace, crystal beading and sequin should be part of the style of dresses you purchase  for a special occasion.

 Looking stunning for any occasion is very important, whatever your event, Amiclubwear got you covered with  gorgeous range of cocktail, prom, evening and maxi dresses - you will never be far from looking fabulous shopping with the online store.

This sexy black ruffle sleeve formal party dress is a bold choice for special occasions. Featuring a stretchy fabric, ruffle-sleeves which are very flattering and a back zipper closure. Styled with ankle strap heels for a classic finish from Jenneffer and gold clutch from Ricamare.
Here are some difference which can fit into different occasions.
Little red dresses.
Little red dresses are essentials, whether you're looking to elevate your off-duty look or something for the weekend,red is the hue to try now. The ultra-confident crimson tone is perfect for making sure all eyes are on you, just don't forget to add some stilettos and layered jewelry to your sexy red dress.

Little white dresses
There's nothing more classic than a little white dress paired with your heels whether it's a long or short white dress, patterned or all white dress, it will always make you feel special and be sure to keep all eyes on you. Dreaming of that perfect little white dress? Check out my previous post here to purchase.

Little black dress ideas.
The "little black dress" is considered essential to a complete wardrope by many women and fashion observers who believe it's a "rule of fashion" that every woman should own a simple, elegant black dress that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For example, worn with a jacket and pumps for daytime business wear or with more ornate jewelry and accessories for evening or a formal event such as a wedding or a ball.

For everyday staying classy it is really important and can not be over emphasized. Classic look is very attractive and has a bold personality that comes along side with it.
Seeing a lot of ladies online and how they tend to always look good is something I know can make us curious as to how they manage work, family and still slay really hard.

1. Wardrobe: what you purchase is the key factor and translates to how you look, purchasing classy timeless pieces that will not go out of style so fast, pieces that can fit in for different occasions and make both calm and visible statements. A plaid coat is a good example and a great wardrobe staple and investment to staying classy.

2. Appearance and Styling: what makes the statement is your appearance and how well you put together those timeless pieces you have purchased. knowing what color goes along side other colors, pairing them together, dressing according to occasion and weather.

3. Colors, Pattern and Prints: there are colors that are classy such as red, white, black, burgundy, grey, Royal blue and purple. Generally, all colors can fit into being classy if well put together but the above mentioned colors are colors in which less effort is put into achieving a classic look.
Patterns such as plaid, gingham are such classy patterns that will always be in style and give every outfit a classy look when styled well. My dress from Amiclubwear is very simple and elegant, but what makes it even more striking is the color. It gave a neat look which is what brings about class.

4. Attitude is very contagious, how you speak, walk and carry your self is part of the classy family. Let every step you take count. let your self confidence oz out. Note that you can be wearing a very lovely outfit, but with low self esteem and less confidence, you might not even be noticed due to how less contagious your altitude is.

5. Planning and Organization: It is said that proper preparation prevents poor performance. If you want to always look outstanding always then you have to learn to be well organized, put together and plan your outfit properly. mini hangers are available to help you plan outfits for a week. This gives you time to proper pair, fit and match all your outfits to the best looks and add all the accessories that suit each outfit. Avoid rushing and settling for less just in case you wake up late and have to rush out.
Also, planning your budget on how you spend is also important, you don't have to spend a lot of money to look classy. This sexy white fitted plunged neckline body con dress costs $16, This is the perfect party dress for a night out! Featuring; plunged neck line, ruched frontal, with adjustable straps. Followed by a fitted wear. practical example for a low budget but yet still look outstanding.
Clear heels are still trending and Amiclubwear offers the best prices both for clothing and foot wears. This sexy clear white patent high heels was $39.99 but now $16. These eye catching booties are a must have for this fall season, Featuring; two tone, patent, clear, pointy toe, lace up, high ankle, perforated side. Followed by a cushioned footbed. Approximately 4 1/3 inch heel.

6. Accessories also come in play. it is advisable to purchase bags, shoes and jewelries that would not be too much for your outfit at any given time.

Over the years, the rate of plastic surgery has increased, a lot of damages have been done to ladies most especially. I was watching the celebrity big brother and came across Rodrigo Alves who is clearly addicted to surgery even at the age of 35. Everything about him is fake. He boldly speaks saying he is what a perfect Male should look like. He has had a lot of procedures and at this point, doctors are refusing any order from him, He is looking forward to changing his entire look. 

In recent times, there are different factors that have influenced the rate of plastic surgery. Damages have been made to a lot of ladies and the regret rate is high, because procedures can't be easily reversed. The aim of this post is totally to remind ladies and men who are addicted to plastic surgery that they are perfect the way they are. 

The desire to achieve the ‘highest’ beauty standard is becoming contagious among us. For celebrity endorsers who are frequently on camera, beauty enhancement is common and becoming ‘normal’. Being idolized by a lot of people, plastic surgery may also attract non-showbiz people to undergo the process of enhancing their physical appearance. That’s a 17% increase since 2015. The number of people who undergo beauty enhancement has surprisingly increased since 2007.

Since the introduction of non-invasive procedures the number of people who undergo beauty enhancement keeps rising. The total number of non-surgical and surgical operations performed for plastic surgery reached nearly 11.7 million in 2007. The obsession that some people have with plastic surgery has been referred to by some health professionals as an addiction.

Addiction towards plastic surgery can be categorized as a behavioral addiction. Some people struggle with alcohol or substance abuse. When people are addicted to plastic surgery, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re involved in other types of addiction or substance abuse. Plastic surgery addicts are more drawn to a specific behavior.

People who are attracted both to non-surgical and surgical procedures are obsessed with a certain behavior. These type of people are mostly concerned about correcting a part of their body which they considered flawed. Having fixed some of their perceived flaws, the patient may feel comfort and satisfaction. In most cases, these feelings do not last and only stimulate the patient’s interest to undergo plastic surgery again. A single operation for beauty enhancement doesn’t immediately result in addiction.

Social factors also play a large role in plastic surgery addiction. There are several reality television shows that document the process of plastic surgery, generally in a positive light, and whenever a new star gets plastic surgery one can be sure that all the celebrity rags will toot their horns about it. We have a cult of celebrity here in America; so many people are obsessed or at least highly interested in the doings and superficial feelings of a tiny minority of people who are only famous because they are famous. And, for example, when someone such as Heidi Montag, who was already popular and deemed attractive, gets ten cosmetic operations, how must the average girl, who may be beautiful in her own way (probably more attractive than Heidi, truth be told), feel? Many girls already have image problems due to the media, so when they hear that famous, beautiful women are not in fact, beautiful enough, they are hearing an extremely negative message about their self image. This may lead women to chase a dream of airbrushed beauty which is impossible, and thus turn to plastic surgery when the real solution is acceptance of self.

Here is a direct link to purchase this sexy blue printed padded bra one piece swimsuit and the sexy blush lace up thigh high faux leather boots from amiclubwear and also you can purchase this unisex Engraved Rose gold alloy photo watch and bracelet from soufeel with the 15% discount code Chica15 off your order.

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