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Happy New Month Everyone, I can’t believe we are already in the third month of the year. I’m still struggling with my new routine and at the same time, settling down in my new environment. Recently I received my new items in the mail, which I got to pick out myself and I knew I had to do a review post and show you exactly what I got.

 What got my attention was the details on it. This dress can literally be worn to different occasions. This mermaid style dress with a fully lined glitter effect is perfect for your special occasion. Sequin dresses have always been dazzling, the go-to style for upping the glam factor. Whichever way fashion trends go, sequins are always in style for special occasions, and for good reason: Who doesn't love something sparkly? Sequins can boost your confidence, and confidence is the key to any great look!

Styling and shooting this Sexy Sequin Evening Gown was so much fun. I literally had my shoot in the middle of snow with the freezing weather, and I was still able to smile and get my poses right. Yes I can do anything for pictures as long as I'm wearing what I love and this long sexy sequin dinner gown is everything.

This long sequin dress is fully lined. It is padded in the bust for bra optional wear. A concealed zipper up the back secures the dress in place. You can purchase this dress on

 I haven't been posting much lately because I have been working… Yes, I started working and I have very little time to write or post. So, I am trying really hard to get myself into a working routine, because whilst 2018 and the year before was great to be jetting off everywhere, spending time with my friends and still had extra time to post on my blog, bills need to be paid and career progression was much needed. Although, that was fun whilst it lasted, it was time to make new changes. However, I am working on a new routine that would allow me to post as much as I used to, work on my new job and still read a new book every month (hopefully). Nevertheless, with the plan of my new routine still in progress, here are some of the things I love about winter in Ukraine.

When I first came to Ukraine back in 2010, I didn’t really like the country due to the weather, most especially winter. So, I almost thought about going back. But then after a few months in the country, I learnt to wrap up warm (well, I did, because I’m a terribly cold person) and I depended on hot drinks and my special homemade vegetable soup (PS I'm a very good cook). This is what I have grown to realize over the years that I have spent in Ukraine. When I and many other people think of Ukraine during winter, the first picture that comes to mind is snow covered lands and low temperatures. But there’s so much more to Ukraine than just snow and what anybody would think. And there is so much beauty in snow like leaving your mark in untouched snow and making snow angels. For what it is worth, I personally love freshly fallen snow, as long as I have my mugs of hot tea afterwards.

Besides making snow angels, snowball fight is another snow activity that is definitely not just for kids. Getting snow days as an adult is amazing because it means time off work and a chance to relax at home, so this is an activity you can enjoy with your friends and family whenever you can. I can’t promise you won’t fall, but I can promise you’ll have fun. Meanwhile, has any of you ever realized that you can actually smell snow? Call me a freak, but I am not joking, you can literally smell when snow is coming. It’s a clean, vivid smell that feels refreshing when it travels down your lungs. I absolutely love the smell of fresh fallen snow. Some people say that ‘bad clothing makes winter bad’, whilst some believe that you need to forget about fashion when it is extremely cold outside. Well, I say you just need to invest in good winter clothing that would leave you looking gorgeous. I can happily say that winter fashion equally offers so much more variety just like summer. The varieties such as gloves, hats, scarves, big coats, with or without furs, wool coats, wool sweaters and snow boots with thick soles. You can mix these varieties up the way it suits you and still look fabulous.
  My personal favorites to stuck up on are winter coats and boots. I get to wear and show off all my favorite winter coats and boots and I still survived the freezing cold and snow in Ukraine. However, we can all agree that the best part about being cold is warming up in your cozy blanket at home after a long day at work. So, at the end of the day, I sneak in under my duvet with my hot drink and/or soup and enjoy the rest of what’s left of my day. Regardless of how cold it gets during winter, I tend to find the good in each day because it really helps with the way I feel and the way my day goes. So, I try my very best to embrace winter and all that it brings. So, what else do I do to make myself feel good when winter comes knocking? I am a big fan of anything that encourages taking photos, so rather than just sitting and playing on my phone, I put on my favorite winter outfits and take pictures to share with you lovelies. These are just few of my favorite things about winter. What are yours? Tell us in the comment section below.

It's finally Friday!!! This has been the longest week ever. It was like Monday everyday, but at last its finally weekend and I'm so excited to start working on my next project. It feels so nice to be writing my first post this year and in today's post, I'm writing on the beret trend!

 Beret is something that I have been dying to experiment with. It was one of the top wardrobe staples of 2018. It’s a versatile topper that can be worn a multitude of ways to complete an outfit plus it’s an affordable and easy way to elevate your look. And, the beret – whether felt, fluffy or leather has always been the hat worn by those that want to make a stand.

Beret is a big trend at the moment - despite its military roots, beret has long been associated with creatives and hipsters all over the world. They are worn by celebrities, politicians, painters, poets, and so many other people. We’ll trace it back to the runways of Gucci and Christian Dior, where the designers made a strong case for the unexpected accessory. Shown in bright hues or crafted from leather, the fashion houses made a statement on the runways that has now made it to the street style scene in a big way.
The beret trend is woke. As we all know, beret is the one major trend that pretty much everyone adopted on the street style scene. And the fashion industry at its best has always reflected on the time we live in, which is perhaps why there is a rise in beret trend. The wonderful thing about this accessory is that it elevates your look, enhances, or at the very least changes your entire outfit.
The most important thing we learned is about the placement. There are a few ways to wear a beret. The most popular way is just covering the hairline on the forehead tilted to one side just like in the pictures. Another way to style it is farther back on the head.

When I saw this mustard yellow beret, I knew I had to have it. The color is unique and perfect. It's handmade and it comes in so many gorgeous colors. I styled it with my favorite knitted sweater and biker shorts and this lovely sneakers with transparent details from Zara matching my Chic Chain Transparent Bag from Rosegal. To purchase this cute bag, click on the highlighted link and also get a 25% discount off your order with this code RGBF1 and thank me later.

With the Christmas season coming to an end, and just a day left to go until Christmas day. Millions of people across the world celebrate with family and friends. Personally, this is the season I miss my family the most because I am in a different country, but I am hoping to join them soon. During this season, we would cook, eat, and dance around together. Basically, it is a season we all look forward to because the one common tradition we all share is enjoying the day with our family and friends.
 Talk about enjoying the night with your partner just when the rest of the family had gone home, or the kids are in bed, or probably spending the night at their grandparents’ house.

Surely, you would want to make the most of the night with your partner. For precious moments like that, you need a beautiful and luxurious lingerie that is perfect for the festive season and comes with an exciting vibe. Recently I came across a simple but beautiful lingerie online that is perfect for some winter seduction. This high quality piece of lingerie has a romantic design with a contemporary twist that can help spice up your relationship and make your partner want you more. Many of you know that I have an exquisite eye for gorgeous, Luxe designs, which is why I am sharing this with you.
Lately, a desire for visible branding has reached the world of lingerie. Influenced by both the rise of sporty, athleisure-wear, and many other fashion designs. However, this article is not focusing on those trends. The focus is on this gorgeous and sexy lace lingerie halter for women, which I absolutely love, and I think you will too. It is a two-piece Teddy Babydoll bodysuit that comes in both red and black. The good thing about this sexy halter is that it is stretchy and comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from small to extra-large. The set is made with 85% Nylon and 15% spandex materials. Besides the stunning beauty of this lingerie, it is very comfortable to relax in, as the material just flows in a lovely fluid motion against your body. It is the season of giving! This would make a great gift or a sexy little treat for yourself and/or a loved one.
In a country that is cold and unpleasant to wear sexy lingerie, many people get discouraged to do so. However, it sometimes becomes boring for your partner because they don’t want to be seeing the same or similar pyjamas everyday. Festive seasons like this is a good opportunity to surprise your partner with sexy lingerie perfect for winter evenings. But what do you  do when you can’t find your favorite lingerie brands in your country? Well, the answer is to Check out Rosegal, an online boutique focused on high-fashioned lingerie and many other high-end clothing that you could think of and here is a 25% Discount code : RGBF1 off your order.
Talking about the just concluded miss universe 2018. Did you watch the show? it was a super beautiful and exciting one at that. The crowd and fun was so contagious, what a beautiful way to spend the weekend.

Thailand has been on my bucket list to visit. The miss universe 2018 competition being the 67th pageant took place on 17 December 2018 at IMPACT Arena, Muang Thong Thani in Nonthaburi Province, Thailand. It was indeed a beauty to behold. Thailand is a country of many contrasting facets, with glorious beaches as well as forests, jungles and mountains. A country with a large tourist attraction and welcoming citizens. The perfect relaxation spot of any holiday getaway with family and friends. Enjoy the golden sunbath, museum, seaside relaxation, mountain biking and wildlife exploration. There is never a dull moment in Thailand, every moment can be beautifully enjoyed and appreciated which made it the perfect choice for the just concluded miss universe which was indeed a tough one. The contestants explored Thailand and its breathtaking views.

It is said beauty with brains is totally attractive, and I must say, in as much as there were a lot of beautiful ladies,  I want to commend the question and answer session, especially the top 10 contestants. Well constructed answers, well put together speeches, Intelligent and brave women. 
There were lots of beautiful dresses but I must say Catriona Grey looked so stunning in her evening dresses and walked so gracefully. The red and peacock style dress designed by Mak Tumang has been on the mouth of everyone since the conclusion of the pageant. 
A big congratulations to the winner of the pageant Miss Universe 2018 Miss Catriona Grey. A special thanks to Aramide Oluwatobi Lopez who represented my country Nigeria so well. Her bikini cat walk is everything, yellow indeed looks so good on black skin.
We appreciate the strength, power and focus in her. So much talent which must be commended. 
Beauty pageants is a very good test of self confidence and ones out going nature.
One question always on my mind about  beauty competitions, is how can a total of 94 ladies from different parts of the world contest and just one girl is awarded the winner. I hold nothing against beauty pageants because it takes a lot of confidence and strength to represent your country but I do not believe it is the best test of beauty and intelligence. There are so many beautiful ladies who can also do even better,  this is to say that we are all beautiful, you don't have to be in a pageant to prove yourself, every moment and day we prove ourselves and each battle and struggle overcome makes us who we are. Beauty is indeed in our behavior and the way we live and love others.

The event was a memorable one, as different 94 countries showcased their national costumes which were beautifully made and styled.
I had my favorites which had great significance.
Curacao this costume stands for free women. Saprica was a free woman who educated slaves. The costume and head piece looked so lovely and powerful.

Panama looked good in that blue costume featuring feathers and glitters. 

Peru had so much to flaunt as she showed us the back of the costume which had a fish on it. The two sided costume also featured green leaves shaped as feathers.

Japan had so much fun on the show, the famous Japanese martial art garment underneath a cute school girl look, a costume mostly associated with the Japanese culture.

Puerto Rico showcased a  US flag like ball gown, holding a ball and had about three hands on it. 

Ecuador had so much going on on the stage but it looked so nice as she also brought life to the show. Because Ecuador is located in South America with its privileged land, the costume draws its inspiration from the thick jungles, rivers, wild life and blessed land.

Mexico walked so lovely in the national Mexican costume representing  a God of Mayan culture. It is made of plastic stones, feathers and leathers.

India showed so much strength, as she carried a heavy warrior throne which was attached to her back. The costume represents the big personalities and also the empowerment of women. The costume weighs over 105 pounds, what a strong woman.

Brazil jumped on the stage with a very happy walk, showing her national costume. Vibrant yellow color looking so amazing on stage. The costume signifies the sun goddess who transforms herself into a bird to protect herself and people. This costume was made with thousands of feathers. It took about three months to make.

El Salvador came as a snow queen, what a beauty to behold, standard and clean. It represents a  Colombian festival.

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